18 Sep 2018

Counter Salesperson Primary Job Functions The primary

Counter Salesperson

Primary Job Functions

The primary functions of this position are to provide prompt and courteous service to all customers and potential customers of the store (including walk-in, delivery customers, and telephone shoppers). Direct contact with our customers will require neatness in personal appearance and the ability to establish and maintain good relations with customers by providing courteous, efficient, and professional service. This person must have a working knowledge of vehicle systems and components and must be able to look up the parts application of the product in the extensive NAPA parts catalogs or by using the TAMS computer catalog in an efficient and accurate manner.

Secondary Job Functions

Some secondary, yet essential, functions of the position include the ability to effectively understand and communicate NAPA product information, performance standards, warranties, sales programs, and company policies; the ability to operate and utilize TAMS point-of-sale invoicing, cash register, electronic communications equipment, and telephone system; and the ability to secure parts for our customers and to handle daily paperwork and forms generated by customers and the store, including purchase orders, receipts, invoices, warranty returns, RGNs, OS&D’s, etc. The counter salesperson must be capable of turning brake drums and rotors and must be able to make up air conditioning and hydraulic hose assemblies. This person must also be cooperative in keeping the store properly stocked and the sales area and the stockroom clean, uncluttered, and properly maintained and must be willing to participate in training to perform all other duties as requested by the management.

Personal Requirements

  • Able to establish and maintain good relations with customers by providing courteous, efficient and professional service.
  • Be functionally literate and capable of understanding and recognizing part numbers and line codes to ensure proper selection and delivery of parts, including identifying sequences of numbers and letters accurately and rapidly.
  • Have a well-groomed appearance, complying with Chagrin Valley Auto Parts Co. policies on conduct and dress.
  • Demonstrate excellent communication and organizational skills in a professional manner.
  • Enjoy working with people in a fast-paced setting; be competitive yet have the ability to work calmly under pressure.
  • Have knowledge of the area in which the store services.
  • Be able to operate a manual transmission (if appropriate).
  • Able to work retail hours at any store location assigned by management.
  • Able to attend mandatory training outside of retail hours.

Physical Requirements

  • Capable of operating TAMS point-of-sale system and cataloging.
  • Able to use adding machine and accurately process cash, check, and credit card transactions.
  • Visually capable of recognizing and distinguishing letters and numbers and remembering their sequencing.
  • Able to speak clearly and listen attentively.
  • Able to work on feet (stand and walk) for entire assigned work shift.
  • Capable of lifting and moving parts and boxes of up to 60 pounds.
  • Able to repeatedly bend or stoop to floor-level shelves and able to reach upper shelves (eight feet) with use of a stool or ladder when necessary.
  • Able to turn brake drums and rotors, and repair/make-up hydraulic hose assemblies (if appropriate).
  • Able to move engine blocks, core barrels, and other heavy equipment with moving aids designed to move such items, including hand trucks, barrel dollies, hydraulic lifts, etc.

Specific Job Duties

  1. Implement appropriate sales practices
    1. Practice effective communications
    2. Demonstrate knowledge of products and their applications (give technical advice, troubleshoot, and help solve customers’ problems with their vehicles).
    3. Demonstrate the ability to sell product features and benefits.
    4. Demonstrate ability to understand customers’ needs-have related sales knowledge.
    5. Achieve personal sales and profit quotas.
    6. Demonstrate knowledge of current sales promotions and the ability to process consumer rebates and customer registrations.
  2. Maintain customer satisfaction
    1. Satisfactorily serve all customers.
    2. Secure the “right part” the first time.
    3. Handle difficult customers and problems in a complimentary manner.
    4. Route deliveries in a timely manner.
    5. Maintain special order/back-order system.
    6. Utilize local buyout/pickup service.
    7. Report and problems immediately to management.
  3. Demonstrate professional attitude, conduct, and appearance.
    1. Demonstrate a pleasant, helpful personality; smile!
    2. Adhere to Chagrin Valley Auto Parts Co. policies.
    3. Adhere to NAPA Professional conduct code.
    4. Adhere to Chagrin Valley Auto Parts Co. appearance and dress standards.
  4. Maintain TAMS computer abilities.
    1. Demonstrate ability to use the TAMS catalog and systems.
    2. Effectively use the TAMS point-of-sales invoicing/cash drawer.
    3. Process credit card transactions using the credit card processing equipment.
    4. Practice asset security/loss prevention controls.
    5. Demonstrate knowledge of customer pricing methods used by the store.
  5. Provide sales support functions.
    1. Process salesperson’s customer stock orders.
    2. Check in stock orders.
    3. Report all overages/shortages/damaged merchandise.
    4. Assist outside salesperson, if required.
    5. Assist in displaying, pricing, and stocking of merchandise.
    6. Share responsibility for store maintenance and cleanliness.
  6. Participate in training.
    1. Complete all job prerequisite training.
    2. Schedule training and complete all on-the-job training activities.
    3. Participate in training when offered.
    4. Improve technical and product knowledge necessary to achieve ASE “parts specialist” certification.
    5. Demonstrate the ability to perform required duties of this job.
    6. Coach, advise, assist in training of others.
  7. Perform all other associated tasks as assigned by management.
    1. Take initiative to find things to do.
    2. Work with others as a team.
    3. Take pride in yourself, the job you do, and the company that you work for.

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